About Our Contra Dances

Contra dancing comes to us from New England where it’s been popular since the 1800’s. In a contra dance, couples dance in lines with moves prompted by a caller. If you’ve ever done square dancing you may recognize some of the moves.

What you need to know about our dances:

Beginners of all ages are welcome! Come with a partner, with friends, or by yourself. Contra dance is a social dance and you will be dancing with a partner and others around you. Feel free to ask the folks here to dance with you- that’s why we come.

If you’ve never been to an evening of contra dancing, we strongly recommend the dancers’ warm-up at 7:00pm when we run through most of the basic moves you’ll need to know. The regular dancing with live music starts at 7:30pm.

Each dance is taught with a walk-through before the music starts. During the evening we’ll do several contras, a circle mixer, a waltz or two. There may even be a square dance thrown into the mix.  The live music will be provided by great local talent from Bend or the Pacific Northwest, playing celtic jigs and reels, old-time Southern fiddle tunes, or newer compositions by talented contra musicians. Bands usually consist of a fiddle, mandolin, and guitar or piano. It’s guaranteed to make you want to move your feet!

Check out the following contra dance videos of contra dancing!

And our local dance:

Chela Sloper and Moonstruck 4/27

Ron Bell-Roemer and The Tune Dawgs